Book Promotion: Princess Avenger by Bernadette Rowley

With a nice mix of fantasy and romance, Ms. Rowley brings to life this incredible story in her world of Thorius.  You want that feeling of escaping this world and dive into without any hesitation. Princess Avenger has this in spades, the balance of loss and love was an incredible feeling, as was Ms. Rowley’s talent.

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Princess Alecia Zialni is no ordinary noblewoman but a crusader for Brightcastle’s miserable subjects, disguising herself to exact revenge and minister to the poor. So it is irksome in the extreme when the dark and dangerous Captain Vard Anton rescues her from a mercenary she has attacked. Alecia manages to slip from his grasp only to discover he has been appointed her protector.
How is she to maintain her secret life with Vard watching her every move? More importantly, how can she safeguard her heart from this mesmerising man?
Vard knows he cannot remain Alecia’s protector and fulfill his mission to kill her father, Prince Zialni. Neither can he defend her when his control of his transformations is so tenuous.
Will the attraction that sizzles between the courageous princess and the daring captain be enough to overcome Vard’s obligation to his heritage and Alecia’s duty to the Kingdom?


Siobhan, sourced from, 5 out of 5 stars.

Alecia, the lead character in this book was great fun to get to know as the Princess Avenger unfolded. She represents a more independent and ambitious princess than other books with similar themes, which provided a more interesting read. The unpredictable nature of Vard also adds a great complexity to their relationship as it develops which I found intriguing. Looking forward to reading more from Rowley.

Kstar, sourced from Goodreads, 5 out of 5 Stars.

Fantastic wonderful read, the princess is compelling and her male counterparts stand beside her the whole way through, beautiful and compelling, this is the strong equality of characters that we have needed in fantasy. I loved the fantasy parts of it (I will not spoil) and they enhance the characters and add to the story-line, rather than them being an afterthought like in many other fantasy novels. The Romance is beautiful and enough to capture your breath, groan in frustration and rejoice when you read it. A stunning book i will read again and again.

M.G Ryan, sourced from Goodreads, 5 out of 5 stars.

As we follow the adventures of Princess Alecia seeking her revenge, fate has other plans for her, but will the arrival of a stranger at Brightcastle change everything?
Bernadette Riley has not failed to deliver… again. The strong characters within the book had me invested and always wanting to know more. I couldn’t put this book down.


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